• High-strength steel ages more slowly than timber, resulting in a safer structure that requires less maintenance.

  • As opposed to timber, steel is fire-safe, invulnerable to termites and fungi and does not require additional preservative chemicals.

  • Steel is 5x lighter than timber, preventing movement and shifting of the structure.

  • Earthquake and weather safe! Its lighter weight and stronger, riveted joints are also less susceptible to seismic forces and high winds than timber.

We’re pretty excited about this, here’s why you should be to:

  • Reduces unnecessary deforestation, and is 100% recyclable - the result is zero contribution to landfills.

  • Steel does not expand and contract with humidity and temperature changes. Door and window framings remain more stable, saving on energy costs year-round.

  • Cold-formed steel has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any other structural building material, which means fewer materials used per building.

Steel Is the New Green!